Water Use Efficiency & Rebate Information
Sprinkler Gardenia

Water Supply Alert
Learn about the history of California's drought, water-saving programs and rebates, and requirements for South Coast Water District customers, such as designated watering days for residential customers.

Water Use Efficiency Resources and Links
Discover resources to help you efficiently manage the irrigation of landscapes and gardens of all sizes, residential and commercial. Included are links to professional irrigation organizations, irrigation hardware manufacturers, and landscaping contractor referral services.

Residential Rebates and Water Use Efficiency Tips
View current water-saver rebates for residential customers, and learn how to reduce your water use both indoors and outside.

Commercial Rebates and Irrigation Tips
Learn about current rebate programs for commercial customers and helpful irrigation tips.

Helpful Videos
Learn how to operate an efficient irrigation system, and fix a running toilet or leaky faucet, and make sure your sprinklers are working well.

Sprinklers 101
Information and online tools about water-efficient residential irrigation.

Water Saver of the Month Award
The District's Water Saver of the Month Award recognizes customers who have made a tangible contribution to conserving potable water. Nominate yourself or someone you know.