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Scholarship Video Contest

2019 Scholarship

2019 PSA Video Scholarship

Here’s a chance to use your skills to do something good for your community, and your creative portfolio!
Every year, South Coast Water District awards scholarships to high school students who live in the District's service area. For 2019, the scholarship will be a PSA Video Contest. The contest challenges students to create a video that educates people about water.

The winning videos will be shown on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Next Door, YouTube), and could be shown on various Websites or Public Access TV.


  • Students in grades 11 & 12 who live in South Coast Water District's service area are eligible to enter. Entries can be a group or individual effort. Limit to one entry per group and person.
  • Produce a PSA (Public service announcement) – a video between 60 seconds to two minutes explaining the importance of water reliability or where our water comes from.
  • BEFORE APPLYING: Call or email Customer Service at (949) 342-1140, to verify that you live in our service area and are eligible to apply. Applications from students who do not live in the District's service area cannot be accepted.
  • A 2019 South Coast Water District Scholarship Entry & Release Form must accompany each video submitted.
  • Please label all DVD copies and include the title of the video, names of the student(s) submitting the video, high school name, and a phone number for a parent, or teacher.
  • Please note that all submissions are the property of the District and cannot be returned.
  • All entries must be student-created. The entry may not contain any copyrighted material of any medium (music, images, etc.) and no professional assistance is allowed. Such use will result in an automatic disqualification.
  • DO NOT delete your original project file until the winners of the contest have been announced. If you place, you may be asked to make modifications to your entry. 
  • The last scene must feature the South Coast Water District Logo (please do not modify the logo from its original form) And the text: For more information, please visit:

How to submit your entry:

  • Please export your entry as a single file in the highest quality. Preferred formats include: mp4, .mpg, .wmv, or .avi.
  • Entries can be submitted through the following methods: USB drive (Multiple video submissions can be placed on one USB drive. USB drives will not be returned.)
  • File sharing sites such as google files, Dropbox, box, etc.
  • Email to Sonja Morgan at

All entries must be delivered by 5:00 p.m. on May 13, 2019, to:
ATTN Sonja Morgan
South Coast Water District
31592 West Street
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged by a committee using the following criteria:

  • Incorporation of theme message
  • Production quality
  • Entertainment value
  • Creativity/originality

Winners will be notified in June. 

Scholarship Awards
1st Place: $2,500
2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $750
1st Place Winner's School Bonus: $500
School with the Most Entries: $250

One more very important note

A completed Entry, Use, and Release Form must be submitted for every contributor involved in the production of the video. This means, if you ask your kid sister to be an actress in your
video, she must also submit a release form. On the release form, please select all roles that apply. Only creators and co-creators will receive prize money.

If not, all content is original, we are asking students to provide the source of their royalty-free images or music.

Check List

     Is your PSA entertaining, creative, and original?
    Are the audio and technical construction clear and of high quality? (No blurry or pixelated images.)
    Make sure your closing scene features: The South Coast Water District logo (please do not modify the logo from its original form) and the text: “For more information, please visit”
    Did you give your PSA a unique and creative title?
    Did each person involved in the production of the video fill out an Entry, Use, and Release Form? Please staple release forms together.
    Did you clearly label your video file and your USB drive or DVD with the names of those submitting the video?
    Please do NOT delete your original project file until the winners of the contest have been announced.

More Information

If you have any questions, please email or call Sonja Morgan at 949-499-4555, ext. 3173.