South Coast Water District Board of Directors2016-2017 Board of Directors

South Coast Water District (SCWD) is a public agency, formed by popular vote and owned by the people it serves. As a special district, SCWD is different from similar agencies because it operates independently of county government, answering only to the State of California and the people it serves.

Our Board of Directors is elected by voters of the District and is charged with the responsibilities of establishing policies and rates, constructing and maintaining facilities, and any other decision necessary to provide water and sanitation services to our customers. Daily operations are administered by a General Manager who is appointed by the Board of Directors.

After its inclusion of Capistrano Beach Water District and Dana Point Sanitary District, SCWD established an 11-member interim board of directors, including three from Dana Point Sanitary District and four from both Capistrano Beach Water District and SCWD. In 2000, the Board voted to reduce the number of Board members from 11 to seven, and again in 2002 from seven to five. Today, the directors are no longer voted by division but at large and serve four-year terms.