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More than 37.2 Million People Now Affected by Drought in California

Drought conditions persist for entire state, says National Drought Mitigation Center

California Drought October 7

The National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) reports that 100 percent of California remains in a drought, with conditions in two-thirds of the state categorized as extreme or exceptional. The NDMC lists the total population affected by drought in California as 37,253,959. In other words, everyone in the state is feeling the drought.

The drought’s effects have spread beyond California’s borders, as well, nudging up food prices, tightening water supplies, and contributing to wildfire conditions, according to the NDMC’s September 2014 Drought and Impact Summary.

Public agencies, including South Coast Water District, are actively encouraging residents to conserve water, echoing Governor Jerry Brown’s call to reduce water use by 20 percent.

In a bit of good news, the Association of California Water Agencies reported Tuesday that Californians embraced water conservation in August, cutting usage by 11.5% over last year’s figures, resulting in a savings of 27 billion gallons of water.

For information about the history of California's drought emergency and the impact for South Coast Water District customers, including guidelines regarding designated watering days, and more, please visit the Water Supply Alert page of our website.

To learn how you can help save water, visit the Conservation section of our website.

Image credit: National Drought Mitigation Center